Thameside Primary School Community Garden

Harley Road, Caversham, RG4 8DB.

Family sessions: Starting again in spring 2020.

Project tutor - Sandra Gough


Thameside Primary School has been working with food4families to create a garden, where families can learn how to grow fruit and vegetables. Owing to the limited free green space, the garden is in two areas.  One is on a tarmac area, with the produce grown in large containers.  The other area, in the corner of the playing field, has four raised beds.

The raised beds for the garden were constructed by the families and some corporate volunteer groups. A group of volunteers from PepsiCo worked with us one wet Friday afternoon. They did lots of jobs we can’t do during the after-school club, because they are too difficult. We now have wood chip paths all around the raised beds.

The addition of two water butts, paid for with money raised by the school's Eco Council, and a donated compost bin have enabled us to be even more Green. 

The fruit trees, which have replaced an area of bramble, are thriving. A tree of unknown origin is also growing well, having been planted by one of the younger children without the help or supervision of an adult!  



Photo Gallery

Soil for seedlings in the Spring.

Keeping a record of which vegetables and fruits are being planted. Tarragon as a woody herb thrives when planted next to Rosemary.

Broad Beans being shelled in the foreground while more vegetables recieve attention in the background.

If you would like to find out more about the project please contact us.