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Allotment Diary : How to & Why we Chit Potatoes before planting

(video) Explaining how to, and the reason why it's sometimes necessary to Chit, or Pre-sprout potatoes before planting them.

Big Butterfly Count.

A step-by-step approach to identifying butterflies in your area and assisting in a national analysis. Why count? Because "butterflies react very quickly to change in their environment which makes them excellent biodiversity indicators. Butterfly declines are an early warning for other wildlife losses."

Composting for Kids

This is an article that teaches children about Biology, Health, Nutrition, Agriculture & Sustainability all through Compost...And kids of all ages love getting their hands dirty.

Crop planner

Vegetable crop planner. RHS Campaign for School Gardening.

Download: Crop planner (PDF format)

Dig In

BBC website with animations, information, links and tips about popular vegetables. They'll help you get the best out of your veg, whether you're growing in a plot or a pot.

Eco friendly packaging and catering

An international manufacturer of "catering disposables...that are made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials, and can all be commercially composted with food waste where accepted".

Food4Families Planting and Garden Maintenance Schedule

from carrots to casava

Dave Richards makes the case for school gardens which make the global connections. PDF format.

Garden Organic School Gardening Resources

Practical advice and activities for all ages on how to start and maintain an organic food growing garden. Handy, quick-reference growing instruction cards, games, activity sheets and more.

Gardening at Home with Kids

If you like digging in the dirt, you might enjoy gardening, too. Growing a garden with your kids will help you learn about plants.

This page was desined by kids from one particular neighborhood and completed with their tutor Courtney. It is full resources that can help you to design a perfect garden wherever you are kid or "just" adult.

Get Your Hands Dirty

A free cross-curricular resource pack and its downloadable web-based materials gives you ideas, practical advice, educational reasons, and case studies to help you grow plants or keep animals in your school grounds.

Growing Schools: Early Years Resources

The Royal Horticultural Society encouraging schools to embrace gardening as a life enhancing building platform.

Growing vegetables in schools

What to use, and how to grow vegetables in the school garden.


Use this simple tool to keep track of how much food has been grown and how much money can be saved.

How To Make a Herb Spiral

Growing your own herbs is a great way to enliven your home grown diet and stay fit and healthy. A herb spiral is one solution for herb growing that you could consider for your garden. In this article we will examine this idea in a little more depth, and you will learn how to make a herb spiral in your garden.


A practical guide for promoting community gardens in their local area.

Royal Horticultural Society: Grow Your Own

RHS site with top tips for each month and fact sheets on how to grow every kind of vegetables.

Trees for Cities - School Resources

Curriculum guides for Year 1 to Year 6 pupils on how to benefit from growing plants and vegetables on the school premises.


Our Veg Planner will help you decide what to do and when in the veg garden. Why not print it out and keep it somewhere safe until you need it.

Download: VEG PLANNER (PDF format)

What to do in the garden this month

Our calendar of monthly tasks.

Download: What to do in the garden this month (PDF format)

Why Compost at School

Teachers’ Guide to Composting in School

Download: Why Compost at School (PDF format)