North Reading Children's Centre

Community Garden Based Site 

Project Tutor - Sandra Robinson


Making compost at North Reading Children's CentreNorth Reading Children’s Centre is gardening with food4families to get families in north Reading learning about growing-their-own. In April 2011 a small garden was built in the grounds of Emmer Green Primary School for the Children’s Centre use. We have 3 raised beds for growing vegetables in plus some large tyres that have colourful flowers in them for bees and butterflies.

We grow various child-friendly vegeatbles such as carrots, potatoes (great for treasure hunts when digging them up!), lettuces and sweetcorn. We also have a lovely herb patch which is popular with both the children and adults and which often leads to recipe-swapping when we talk about how to use them at home.

Every session we have fun digging, planting, sowing seeds and watering using rain-water harvested from the school roof. The children often sow seeds to grow at home too and have taken away beans, sunflowers, sweetcorn and many other things for their gardens or balconies. When it comes to harvest time the children often take things home to eat for their lunch that day. Towards the end of each session we have a small snack and drink whilst sat in the garden. The area we use is safe and contained so the children can enjoy being outside and exploring.

All the seeds, pots, compost and tools required are provided by food4families at these sessions. Children and their carers just need to turn up and get gardening!

If you would like to find out more about the project please contact us.