Health Impact of Community Gardening Places and Urban Spaces

Starting in 2016 Food4families have partnered with the University of Reading to set up a research project that examines the impact of foodgrowing on the residents of Reading.

It is an observational study over a period of four years across four distinct community gardening sites and urban neighbourhoods.  

The study mainly involves getting information from participants who sign up for the gardening project, before and after they have started gardening. By comparing this information, we hope to understand the impact of urban community gardens on the physical and mental health of people who take part in gardening activities, and also the effect that urban environments may have in mitigating these health outcomes. 

We are looking for gardeners as well as none gardeners to sign up to the study or to act as a control group. For more information contact Sharon Fitton on 01189586692 or

Key researchers:

Richard J. Nunes, PhD Lecturer in Real Estate and Planning

Dr Aileen Ho, Department of Psychology

Dr Senjuti Manna, School of Real Estate and Planning