New Christ Church Community Allotment

School based site with weekly sessions during school hours aimed at inspiring children to get growing! 

Project tutor - Sharon Fitton


Growing potatoes at New Christ Church Community AllotmentNew Christ Church Primary School have collaborated with Food4Families to create a community allotment on their playing field that can be used by the families of the school but also by families that use the nearby Katesgrove Children’s Centre and Apollo Youth Club.

Work started in May 2010 when employees from PepsiCo volunteered their time to build 8 raised beds from a variety of materials; sustainable oak planks, recycled scaffold planks and woven willow. Parents have also constructed 2 more pizza beds from willow logs so there is now plenty of space for growing things.

Straight away the school’s gardening club and SEEN, a home school group based at Katesgrove Children Centre, got sowing seeds and planting out potatoes. The slugs and pigeons have had to be fought off the peas and cabbages but most things thrived. All the produce is shared out amongst those involved.

On Wednesday 30th June 2010 Councillor Gul Khan, the mayor of Reading cut the ribbon to officially declare the garden open to loud cheering. Families from the local area where able to wander round as part of the school’s summer fair and admire the variety of plants growing.

At the end of the summer a group from Deloitte created a pergola big enough for a whole class to sit under that will be planted with edible climbers to provide shade. Using recycled bricks a second group built a keyhole garden, a design used in Africa, which is circular with a slice cut out to give access to a hole in the middle where compost/garden waste can be heaped which in turn feeds the plants in the surrounding bed.

If you would like to find out more about the project please contact us.