Southcote Primary School

School based site with after school family sessions

Project tutor - Denise Scott


Harvest at Soutcote Primary SchoolSouthcote Primary already has a very successful food growing garden for the children at the school. Now there is opportunity for families in the area to start growing food there too. Food4Families have developed, with local families, a community allotment within the school grounds. The design includes fruit trees, raised beds, a seating area, shed and a polytunnel!

During the summer term every Friday after school families have been attending regular sessions, and nearly all of the 9 beds were planted with a wide selection of vegetables and herbs. The harvest of beans, corn, lettuce and tomatoes were shared out for everyone to take home.

The garden is open to families from the school but also from the local community. Tools are available to everyone to use, including those working on their own plots. For families who wish to build up their know-how or confidence the community sessions are an ideal way to start.

If you would like to find out more about the project please contact us.