Food4families have plenty of Volunteering Opportunities:

F4F Mobile Garden Teams

Made up of 3 volunteers and 2 Reading College Horticulture students on work experience placements.

Teams go out initially one half day a week to help with general maintenacne at the community allotments, run taster sessions or construct veg patches.

Taster sessions involve turning up at the front of some flats or in a street and catching residents on their way home and encouraging them to plant up a free container of edible plants which they can grow on their balcony or doorstep.

If 6 to 8 households in one location are keen to do more food growing we will go back and construct with them up to 4 raised beds, planting them with seasonal veg. The team will support them in growing at that site for the rest of that growing season. F4F will then support them for a further year.

Community Garden Volunteers

F4F has 4 community allotment sites where we run regular sessions supporting local residents in growing their own fruit and veg in communal spaces. We need volunteers to support an F4F tutor at these sessions working one-to-one alongside a resident to give them confidence or company, or to help with general maintenance tasks. Volunteers are often able to take home seasonal veg.

The sessions take place at regular times during the week and the weekend from mid-March to end of October.

School Garden Volunteers

F4F presently runs food growing sessions at local primary schools after school with children and their families. A Food4families tutor organises and runs the sessions with the support of a member of school staff but the more adults the more the children manage to achieve.

The sessions take place at regular times during the week and the weekend from mid-March to end of October.

Committee Support Roles

Two of our community allotments are presently managed by constituted groups of local residents. These committees would benefit from the support of volunteers who have experience of being on committees, who could work alongside residents as they learn to take on committee roles such as Treasurer etc.

The committee meetings take place every couple of months and members may need some support in between meetings as needed.

Reading Food Growing Network Events Volunteers

Reading Food Growing Network is for any groups/individuals in the wider Reading area who are interested in promoting the local growing of fruit and vegetables. The network organises events such as seed / plant swaps in local communities, shares knowledge, organises speakers/training and plans community cooking sessions.

We are looking for volunteers to help the RFGN development worker plan the logistics and publicity for upcoming events. This role will work out of the RISC office or from home for a couple of hours per week.

Reading Town Meal

On Sat 28th September 2019 Reading's 7th Town Meal will be taking place in Forbury Gardens. The steering group, which is lead by F4F and RFGN, are looking for volunteers to help with planning the entertainment and other logistics in the lead up to the event.

The role will require someone to work from RISC office or from home approx. 2 to 4 hours a week supported by the RFGN development worker and F4F project Coordinator.

For more information contact Sharon  on 0118 9586692 or via our contact form.