Hexham Road Community Centre Allotment – Newcastle Road

Community allotment based site

Project tutor - Michele Atkins


Filling a plant pot at Hexham Road Centre AllotmentFood4Families started in South Reading in early summer 2009. In association with Hexham Community Centre, we have an allotment at Newcastle Road allotments, just round the corner from the centre. The plot has slowly been developed to create a series of low raised beds for families to use. Since work began on the site, we have established a perennial herb bed, so families can cut and take herbs home to use for cooking throughout the growing season. There is  also an established strawberry bed which produced a huge crop of fruit this year which was turned into jam by one of the participants.

We have our own shed fully stocked with tools thanks to Pangbourne Allotment Association. We try to use our harvested rainwater as much as possible and have two water butts fixed up to the shed.

We hold two sessions a month at the plot - watch this space to find out when the sessions will be held.

Families can share any of the fruit and veg we grow to take home and cook. We also sow seeds in pots, so that things can be taken home and grown on.

The site is easily accessed on foot in Newcastle Road and there is some road-side parking available near the entrance to the allotment site.

New members are always welcome and no previous knowledge is expected, though any growing experience is also welcomed for sharing with the group.

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A number of people commented on how much they had learned in one session and somebody also remarked:

"It's so lovely and quiet here."

The participants sampled some of the produce during the sessions and one youth group member trying some tomatoes, commented:

"These taste so much better than the stuff we get from the supermarket."

If you would like to find out more about the project please contact us.