Photo Gallery for Harvest & Autumn 2019.

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Collecting materials for the Harvest Art Exhibition 2019.


A print using the petals from a flower.

Ink and a roller, produces a print.

Local artist Lisa-Marie Gibbs assisted Food4families producing works of art.

Harvest produce at Coley Park Community Allotment 2019.

Cooking outdoors at Erleigh Road Community Garden 

Having fun in the great Outdoors. 

An enormous pumpkin, still ripening! 

Making and enjoying Harvest soup. 

A huge pumpkin for Halloween! 

Someone is proud of thier pumpkin carving. 

Pumpkin carving at Erleigh Road Community Garden 

 Apple pressing at Earley Road Community Garden

Cooking outdoors, Erleigh Road Community Garden produced popcorn. 

Over a dozen carved pumpkin's from Erleigh Road Community Garden.

Red and White (Mooli) radishes, harvested from Lavender Place Community Garden

The Propagation workshop at Lavender Place Community Garden

Taking cuttings and learning how to propagate herbs. 

Harvest time at Lavender Place Community Garden has also meant propagating for next year. 

Harvest produce snaking around Southcote GrowAllot

Artwork produced to celebrate the Harvest at Whitley GrowAllot.

Stag beetle larve; find out more at


Outdoor cooking to celebrate harvest time at Whitley GrowAllot