Food4Families Training Base

Food4families training base is in the garden at South Reading New Directions in Whitley. It consists of: a poly-tunnel where we grow plug plants that are used in the F4F gardens, veg patches and taster sessions.

4 high level raised beds to allow for easy access for people with mobility issues

4 low level raised beds and other ground level growing space

a nature pond – home to our friendly slug eating frogs

small selections of fruit bushes/trees

The garden is maintained by students from John Madjeski Academy and a small team of volunteers lead by F4F tutors.

Photo Gallery

The land before the Food4Families training base was estabilshed.

Clearing the land in prepartion for the polytunnel where seedlings can be grown over winter.

Inside the polytunnel where seedlings ar growing ready to be planted out in various locations around Reading.

The Food4Families training base on a summer day!

Using the Harvest-ometer we have establshed this final yield. 

Alternatively click on /userfiles/files/Harvest-ometer.pdf