Alan Place Community Garden


Harvesting radishes at Alan PlaceAlan Place is a Sanctuary Housing Association property in Southcote on the borders with West Reading. It houses 210 people with 42 families.

There is a very active residents association APRA (Alan Place Residents Association), who have leased an adjacent piece of 32m x 12m unused land from RBC housing.

Food4families, APRA and volunteer groups from Thames Water and Wrigleys have created a community garden with shared raised beds and some beds available for families and individuals. The garden has an unusual design with beds in the shape of a flower with a herb circle in the centre - it attracts the attention of lots of people passing by!

We plant a wide variety of vegetables  – potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, runner beans and pumpkins to name a few! We also have strawberries and the herb circle planted for everyone to use. Our plants are all given extra 'oomph' with our lovely home-made compost. All we grow is harvested and shared out between everyone involved.

There is a potting shed so there is somewhere dry to sow our seeds and grow them on. For sunny days we have a pergola to picnic underneath, as well as some seating screened by woven willow for those well earned cups of tea.

 Passers-by often comment how great the plot looks and that it's amazing that we've achieved in such a short time. We've also been busy spotting the local wildlife - slow worms, stag beetles and lots of bees and butterflies.

Please come and join us! All are Welcome! Or to find out more please contact us!